The Land of Monferrato

When I was a boy, I remember reading about Giovanni Spadalunga, the Marquis of Monferrato, elected head of the Super Parties by the Christian Crusaders.

I imagined him to be big and strong, clad in heavy armor, an undeniable peacemaker in heated disputes arising in the battlefield. He came from Monferrato, as did my grandfather, who I never met, but who I imagined to be as big and strong as the Marquis. My grandfather was just as invincible, because he came from the same land.

I learned about Monferrato as a child growing up. Monferrato is an incredible land, much of it hand-worked; it is a land made of iron, mixed with earth and water, hardened by the sun and wind for those who harvest wine grapes. Covered in beautiful woods and vineyards, Monferrato is known for its high quality wines. Its verdant vineyards stretch out for kilometers, one row after another, over rolling hills and picturesque valleys, all hand-worked and hand-harvested. It is here that I imagined myself one day, like my grandfather before me, working the land and producing high quality wines.

This is how this small family-owned winery was started. As someone once said “A great wine is made in the vineyard”, and it is here that we work and where a little dog with a big personality that we call “Botolo” keeps us company in the vineyards and who today is the symbol of our Estate.

Roberto de Silva